Video For iphone 6s/6s+/7/7+/8/8+/X/Se/Se 2


For  USA-AT&T/ Tmobile/Verizon/Cricket/Straight Talk/Spectrum


Philippines-Globe/Smart/Dito  and so on)

Make sure to update the ios to latest -  ios 15.4 or Latest

1. Insert your sim card with unlock chip - > ( Watch video ) 
    Make sure you have wifi connected and Latest version of the ios installed 

2. Wait  for a pop up menu then press Unlock Mode 1 option from below
    VERY IMPORTANT :  Press " Unlock Mode 1--choose carrier which iphone is locked
3. Make sure keep unlock chip inside iphone 
4.  Press Send and then Accept
5.  Setting Done. Your Iphone will be returned to activation screen and just activate with wifi 
6. Unlocked!!!. 


4.IPhone Unlocked